Larissa Lima: Colt Johnson Was an Abusive, Cheating Monster!!

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90 Day Fiance villain Colt Johnson is trying to get his wife deported.

He claims that he feels used and that Larissa Lima never really loved him, which is why he's currently gunning for her green card.

In the mean time, Larissa has opened up to In Touch Weekly about her spectacularly failed marriage to Colt.

What exactly was he like when the cameras weren't rolling?

Larissa says that he was a monster.

1. Larissa is opening up about her time with Colt

Larissa is opening up about her time with Colt
Since her initial outcry after the breakup, Larissa has clearly avoided speaking about most things -- except to reveal that Colt had reported HER phone as stolen.

2. Their relationship is over

Their relationship is over
And whatever love they once had -- and both have seriously questioned if the other's feelings were ever real -- is gone.

3. Colt was apparently irresistible

Colt was apparently irresistible
Speaking to In Touch, Larissa shares that some women were reaching out to Colt late last year, sliding into his DMs while they were still married.

4. And Colt wrote back

And Colt wrote back
"Colt liked it and was talking to them," Larissa says.

5. He was misleading them

He was misleading them
Larissa says that Colt was too excited about the attention that he was receiving to warn these women that he and Larissa were still together and trying to work through their problems.

6. Colt would go back and forth

Colt would go back and forth
"Colt was calling them and he changed his mind," Larissa shares.

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