Larissa Lima Body-Shames Colt Johnson, Praises "Sexylicious" Eric Nichols

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37. WHO is giving her these glow ups?

WHO is giving her these glow ups?
Larissa is a go-to expert on cosmetic treatments within the 90 Day Fiance family. Last year, Deavan Clegg had a lip filler NIGHTMARE complication and required emergency treatment. Larissa recommended an expert to help fix her up.

38. Some things are legendary

Some things are legendary
Larissa knows that she delivered one of the most iconic lines in the franchise.

39. THIS line

THIS line
It's such an amazing line, said under truly absurd circumstances. It's art.

40. Was she deported?

Was she deported?
Obviously not, but Larissa jokes about it anyway. What a strange question to ask instead of using Google.

41. Then came this

Then came this
Notably, Larissa had deleted this from her Instagram Stories, but not before 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates had captured it for all to see. Here, she discusses Eric's misguided decision to take photos with Larissa's enemies. Larissa unfortunately made the decision to body-shame Colt at the same time.

42. This is one of the photos in question

This is one of the photos in question
Hey, if you break up with someone? Don't do a mini-photoshoot with people who hate your ex. Especially not if you're likely to get back together -- which Eric and Larissa obviously did. Notably, Eric has apologized and expressed regret for his post-breakup behavior.

43. As for Colt

As for Colt
It's a shame that Larissa body-shamed him. That kind of insult will never hurt just Colt, so even if you think that he deserved it, it's also an insult directed at other people with bodies just like his. If you want to insult Colt, go after his character. You don't exactly have to get creative. Many 90 Day Fiance viewers regard him as a creep, and those who follow his off-screen antics will say much worse.

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