Lady Gaga Halftime Show: 19 GIFs to Remember

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7. Keyboard Time

Keyboard Time
Lady Gaga didn't just sing at Super Bowl LI. She broke out an instrument at one point.

8. Just Dancing

Just Dancing
Just dance! Yes, it's the name of a Lady Gaga song. It's also what she is doing here.

9. All About the Telephone

All About the Telephone
Call me, okay? On my telephone, okay? Lady Gaga sends a message in this Super Bowl GIF.

10. Unable to Sit Still

Unable to Sit Still
Lady Gaga played the piano during her halftime show. In a very Gaga-like manner.

11. I'm Open!

I'm Open!
And... I'm out! HA! This is how Lady Gaga closed out her Super Bowl halftime performance.

12. Pure Fire

Pure Fire
Lady Gaga was on fire during Super Bowl LI. Sometimes, as you can see here, almost literally.

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