Kylie Jenner vs. Blac Chyna Feud: A Complete Anthology of Shade!

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13. Blac Will Cut a B!tch

Blac Will Cut a B!tch
Blac Chyna sent a very clear message with this and another knife-wielding photo on Instagram. "Loooove me and Leave me? That's the story of my life," Blac wrote. "But it won't happen again see cus I bought this butchers knife uhmm." S--t. Did she name names? No. But you know what? Based on everything we've already seen and read, she doesn't have to.

14. Kylie to Tyga: It's Me or Her!

Kylie to Tyga: It's Me or Her!
Kylie reportedly fired the latest shot in this never-ending war by insisting thst Tyga cut off all communication with Blac. Being that they have a kid together, that certainly won't be easy, and sources say Blac is NOT pleased.

15. Blac Starts Banging ... Rob Kardashian

Blac Starts Banging ... Rob Kardashian
Who saw this one coming? In news that is both astonishing and at the same time, not all that astonishing after it sinks in for a few minutes, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are officially hitting it - and not giving a f--k what his family thinks. Naturally, they don't think many positive things when it comes to this new couple. We don't know Blac's true intensions, or Rob's mental state at the moment, but they are all about this new romance ... and the trolling that comes with it.

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