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This not exactly just in: Kim Kardashian loves to snap selfies.

Heck, Kim Kardashian actually released a book of selfies in 2015, one that people actually purchased for some reason.

In honor of this obsession, Kardashian closed out the year by sharing some of her favorite selfies online, writing as a message on her website:

“It’s been a year of selfies, LOL! I released Selfish in Spring 2015, and definitely didn’t stop taking them. I love having all these memories to look back on with all of my family and friends. It’s so hard to choose just a few!”

Still, Kim and a Twitter account with the handle “@KardashianNavy” went ahead and did just that.

They’ve combine to create the following set of selfie collages, which includes literally hundreds of portraits Kardashian snapped of herself, her husband and a few famous friends…