Keeping Up with the Kardashians Finale: Khloe Goes KABOOM!

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7. Enter... Kimora Lee Simmons?!?

Enter... Kimora Lee Simmons?!?
Yes. Khloe FaceTimed with family friend Simmons, who urged the Kardashians to protect themselves and "not let people take advantage' of them.

8. A-Frickin-Men!

"F-ck these hoes," Khloe then declared, taking this advice to heart. "Everyone told me how aggressive and crazy I am? I am. I’m going to go back to the old Khloe."

9. Gulp?

Khloe continued along these angry lines: "For True I don’t want to act like that, but also for True I want people to be afraid. You want Khlo Money to come back? Guess what, Khlo Money’s coming back!"

10. Anger is Warranted

Anger is Warranted
On a call to mom Kris, Khloe and her siblings agreed that taking a calm approach to crisis no longer worked. "This sh-t is so f-cking whack that these f-cking bitches think that they can go ahead and f-ck our men," Khloe yelled.

11. An Understandable Explosion

An Understandable Explosion
"I think Khloe really held [her anger] back the first time because she just had a baby," Kim said in a confessional about the FIRST Tristan cheating scandal. "I feel like she is ready now."

12. Khloe Then Drunk Dialed...

Khloe Then Drunk Dialed...
... not Tristain, but called Tristan's pal, Oguz, who claimed the basketball player was distraught. "I've never seen him like this in my life," he said of Thompson.

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