Javi Marroquin: I Was Banging Kailyn, Briana & Lauren at the Same Time!

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7. Miami Bombshell

Miami Bombshell
During his unexpected visit to Miami on last week's episode, Javi basically used Lauren as a bargaining chip to help him win Briana back.

8. Savvy Moves

Savvy Moves
He informed Briana that he has a girl waiting in the wings who's willing to move to Delaware just to be with him.

9. The Past Comes Back

The Past Comes Back
No word on how Lauren felt after watching that scene, but we're guessing it wasn't her favorite.

10. The Trouble With Television

The Trouble With Television
That's the problem with starring in a long-running reality show -- every few months, your past comes back to bite you.

11. Furious Kail

Furious Kail
And it's not just Lauren who has cause to be pissed off over Javi's antics this season. No, Kail was also burned by his bed-hopping ways.

12. An Emotional Connection?

An Emotional Connection?
For one thing, it looks as though Kail and Javi's hookup was no mere booty call. Based on her comments to Leah Messer, it seems Kail briefly thought that she and Marroquin might get back together. But that impression didn't last long ...

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