Kailyn Lowry SLAMS Jenelle Evans: You're a White Trash Druggie!

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7. Jealousy Trap?

Jealousy Trap?
There's no reason to believe that Kail slept with Javi for the purpose of making Briana jealous, but that Jenelle always assumes the worst about her rivals.

8. Wedded Bliss

Wedded Bliss
She then went on to claim that her husband, David Eason, would never engage in such tawdry behavior.

9. Come Again?

Come Again?
Always a little strange when a couple that's had CPS called on them 20 times in the past year decides to jump on their moral high horse, but we digress.

10. Righteous Judgment

Righteous Judgment
"Playing the field like no one has feelings. #Disgusting," added Jenelle, suddenly an authority on proper behavior.

11. Psychosis on Her Side

Psychosis on Her Side
Jenelle's insanity is well-documented but not everyone is intimidated by her psychotic, often violent tendencies.

12. Hey, Boo

Hey, Boo
"Awe, Jenelle’s trying to come for me again... that’s cute. What’s up boo?! @pbandjenelley_1," Kail tweeted yesterday.

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