Kailyn Lowry Opens Up About Sad, Lonely Life: I Can't Trust ANYONE!

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7. Emotional Trials

Emotional Trials
"I try to play off as this tough guy, but it is kind of emotional that I wasn't able to make any of the relationships work with my kids' dad," she recently told E! News.

8. A Lonely Life

A Lonely Life
"A lot of the things I would want to do with a partner, I'm doing them alone. So it's been an internal struggle for me for sure," Lowry explained to the outlet.

9. Single Struggles

Single Struggles
Kail says she sees herself remaining unattached for the foreseeable future, as she feels unable to trust anyone she comes in contact with.

10. Everybody's Suspect

Everybody's Suspect
"I don't date because, you know, I am on TV and I don't trust people," she explained. "I mean, even if you're not on TV you can't really trust anybody now."

11. Priorities

"I just think I'm going through the motions of life right now and doing what I got to do and focusing on whatever I need to focus on and if [dating] happens, it happens," she continued.

12. Yikes

That's a depressing way to put it, but it sounds as though Lowry has decided to put her love life on the back burner in order to focus on her career and her family.

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