Jessa Duggar Posts New Wedding Photos! Relive Her Big Day Now!

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Over the weekend, Amy Duggar married Dillon King in a ceremony that was attended by many of her famous cousins.

(Josh was nowhere to be seen, which was probably best for everyone involved.)

Apparently, the event inspired the Duggar clan to focus on simpler, pre-sex-scandal times by delving into the past and revisiting Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald's wedding.

"We all had such a wonderful time at Amy's wedding," the family wrote on their official Facebook page.

"All of this excitement has caused Jessa to pull out her pictures from her wedding and post 100 of them on her website. Check out her album here which includes many never before seen pictures."

It may seem like a bit of a spotlight-stealing move, coming as it does so soon after Amy's big day, but we can't blame the Duggars for digging up some happy memories after the summer they've had. 

1. Jessa, the Blushing Bride

Jessa, the Blushing Bride
Jessa can't contain her joy as she and Ben prepare to become man and wife. The newlyweds are currently expecting their first child.

2. Michelle & Jim Bob at Jessa's Wedding

Michelle & Jim Bob at Jessa's Wedding
Michelle and Jim Bob were obviously beaming with pride on Jessa's big day. When you've got that many kids, it's always a relief to marry one off. Just kidding, Michelle and Jim Bob!

3. Jim Bob Gives Jessa Away

Jim Bob Gives Jessa Away
A proud moment for Jim Bob. That's three kids married and sixteen more to go!

4. Jill Duggar: Maid of Honor

Jill Duggar: Maid of Honor
A very pregnant Jill served as her sister's maid of honor. Jessa has described her older sis as one of her heroes.

5. Jinger Duggar Bridesmaid Photo

Jinger Duggar Bridesmaid Photo
Jinger was one of Jessa's many bridesmaids. We're guessing the family made Jana sew all the dresses.

6. Jessa Duggar Unveiled!

Jessa Duggar Unveiled!
Jim Bob removes the veil from his daughter in preparation for handing her over to Ben Seewald. A major moment in any father's life.

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