Jeremy Calvert Dumps Girlfriend, Professes Love For Leah Messer (!!)

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13. Important Words

Important Words
Jeremy thanked Leah for raising their daughter and congratulated her on working her way back from the mental health issues and addictions that nearly cost her custody of all three of her daughters just a few short years ago.

14. An Overdue Apology

An Overdue Apology
Jeremy also made amends for trash-talking Leah in the past. “I really truthfully, want to, like, deeply apologize for saying that about you,” he said. “I do really want to thank you for like being a good mom to my kids.”

15. Growing Together

Growing Together
“No matter what, I’m still always going to love you,” Jeremy told Leah, who clearly became choked up with emotion.

16. The Fan Reaction

The Fan Reaction
Naturally, viewers who have been "shipping" Jeremy and Leah for years lost their minds over the clearest indication yet that the former couple may try and work things out.

17. Things Have Changed

Things Have Changed
"I think you and Leah would be great together now. She’s changed so much. You would make an amazing team," wrote one fan on Instagram.

18. One More Shot

One More Shot
"I think you could have hanged on a little longer when Leah was going through her depression but I get it," commented another. "I would love to see you guys back together." Unfortunately, Calvert was quck to squash these fans' hopes ...

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