Jenelle Evans: Will Someone Please Pay David Eason For SOMETHING?!

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7. Problems of His Own

Problems of His Own
Of course, his association with Jenelle is just one of the many, many things that might stand in the way of David's ability to run a successful business.

8. David Drama

David Drama
David wasn't fired by MTV over creative differences. No, he was let go for very legitimate reasons that would have brought about the end of his employment with just about any corporation in America. In fact, Teen Mom 2 producers gave the man way too many chances.

9. The Balloon Incident

The Balloon Incident
At a pre-party for last year's Teen Mom 2 reunion taping, David got hammered, took out a KNIFE, and started "stabbing" decorative balloons that had apparently pissed him off. Try that at a work-sponsored event and let us know how it goes.

10. Given A Pass

Given A Pass
But despite complaints from his co-stars that he frightened their children, that's not the incident that got David fired. No, it wasn't until a few months later that MTV execs finally became fed up.

11. World's Worst Timing

World's Worst Timing
David posted this photo as a Valentine's Day tribute to Jenelle ... just hours after the world learned about the tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida. When fans suggested he take the pic down out of respect to the victims, that's when things really got ugly...

12. Really, Dave?

Really, Dave?
For reasons that defy explanation, David proceeded to unleash a torrent of homophobic slurs at the followers who suggested his post was ill-timed. Unfortunately for Eason, his post attracted all the wrong kinds of attention.

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