Jenelle Evans to Nathan Griffith: You'll Never See Our Son Again EVER!

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7. The Real Objective

The Real Objective
There are those who believe that Jenelle was less concerned with Kaiser's safety than with attempting to catch Nathan being negligent so that she might finally have something to use against him in court.

8. The Big Guns

The Big Guns
Jenelle even got her husband, David Eason, involved. “She texted his mom and her husband David texted Nathan Sunday morning,” says the source.

9. A Strange Choice

A Strange Choice
David once unleashed an unprovoked homophobic tirade against Nathan, so it seems strange that Jenelle would choose to have her husband contact her ex. Then again, everything she does seems strange to us.

10. False Alarm

False Alarm
It turns out Jenelle's concerns were unfounded, as Kaiser was safely in the care of his grandmother during the party. “Nathan’s mom was with Kaiser. They stay with his mom when they are in town," the insider claims.

11. Still Not Satisfied

Still Not Satisfied
It seems Jenelle wasn't content to be reassured by Nathan's mother, and she actually forced Davidson to awaken a sleeping Kaiser so that she speak with him.

12. The Ever-Unstable Ms. Evans

The Ever-Unstable Ms. Evans
Needless to say, Jenelle's demands didn't sit well with her ex and his mother. "It’s just sad that they were forced to wake up just so she could hear his voice because she didn’t believe he was there,” says the insider. “Where else would he be?”

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