Jenelle Evans to Kailyn Lowry: The Feud is Back ON, You Fat Ho!

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37. What a Question

What a Question
She then asked "How do you block someone out of your life completely and they are still commenting about your life? Let’s just look opposite directions and act like we never met. Thanks!"

38. Just a Thought

Just a Thought
Probably a good way to do this would be to stop talking about that person as well. If you want to pretend that you've never met a person, a good start would be to avoid ranting about them on multiple social media platforms for hours.

39. Briana, No

Briana, No
And just in case anyone forgot that Briana DeJesus also doesn't get along with Kailyn, she responded to Jenelle's "still happy" tweet with "GOT EMMMMMMMMM."

40. MORE Shots Fired

MORE Shots Fired
Briana then added that "That girl lost after that horse photo. Sorry! Leave [Jenelle] alone," referring to Kailyn's nude maternity photo with the horse in Iceland. She threw in several laughing emojis too, because of course she did.

41. Oh Hey, David

Oh Hey, David
David made a response as well -- he shared Kailyn's tweet on his own Instagram story and added "Ummm ... I feel sorry for anyone who ever 'came for your body.' Trust me I wouldn't touch you with a 10 ft pole." He also added an elephant emoji because clearly he is the worst.

42. So Mad

So Mad
He also wrote "Oh, you can call my wife fat and tell me not to say anything about it in the same sentence? Right," even though it doesn't appear that Kailyn was the one calling anyone fat. Like David did with an elephant emoji.

43. This Guy

This Guy
He also shared a photo of Kailyn in a swimsuit and wrote "I'm sorry but if this is what you get after having multiple surgeries with lypo ... you deserve a refund. Take the doctors license away."

44. So Sad

So Sad
It's unfortunate because it's not like Jenelle and Kailyn are all that different these days. It really looks, Kail's pregnancy aside, like they're roughly the same size in relation to their heights.

45. Sad, But Not Surprising

Sad, But Not Surprising
So if David is STILL going on about Kailyn's weight, even using elephant emojis, that has to make Jenelle feel bad, despite what she says about how David loves her "unconditionally."

46. By the Way ...

By the Way ...
And for what it's worth, Kailyn gave an update on things by explaining "Let me just be clear. I said what I said directed to David and only David. Whatever y’all deduced on your own is on you."

47. Goodness Gracious

Goodness Gracious
It's not hard to believe that -- like we said earlier, you could definitely read it as a warning to David not to be hypocritical since Jenelle's gained some weight.

48. What a Talent

What a Talent
And the crazy thing is that even if Kailyn was coming for Jenelle in her original tweet, Jenelle still made herself look so much worse with her big ol' rant.

49. Just the Facts

Just the Facts
And her husband ... well, he makes things worse anyway, that's just in his nature.

50. Just Getting Started?

Just Getting Started?
We would say that hopefully this is the end of all of this, but considering the people involved, we've got a bad feeling that things may get worse before they get better.

51. Apologies

So, you know, sorry about that.

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