Jenelle Evans Starts Therapy and Parenting Classes: Too Little, Too Late?

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7. Recap Time

Recap Time
As we all know so, so well at this point, David shot Jenelle's dog, Nugget, about a month ago after the poor little pup allegedly attacked Ensley.

8. Um ...

Um ...
David shared a photo of Ensley to show the damage Nugget had done, and, uh, here it is. Obviously the dog just nipped at the kid, but to David, the only answer was to beat and shoot the monster that did this to his baby.

9. Good

After the news got out, there was a huge uproar. MTV announced that they were ending their relationship with Jenelle and that they wouldn't be filming her for the new season, and police began investigating.

10. Enter CPS

Enter CPS
Shortly after police began looking into David, they got in touch with CPS, and shortly after that, they advised Nathan to pick Kaiser up from preschool because they didn't think it was safe for him to be home.

11. The Girls, Too

The Girls, Too
After that, Maryssa went to stay with her grandmother, and while Ensley went with her at first, eventually she was placed with Barbara so she'd be with a relative.

12. Not So Fast!

Not So Fast!
Jenelle and David went straight to court to get their kids back, but it did not work, and thank goodness for that.

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