Jenelle Evans: Refusing to Film for Teen Mom 2!

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Jenelle Evans is ... well, she's not the brightest, let's just say it.

And that's OK, it really is, it's just that when we say that Jenelle isn't the brightest, it means that she makes seriously dumb decisions that affect her future and her family's future.

Usually negatively.

We say this because Jenelle's latest dumb decision could get her fired from Teen Mom 2 at long last.

And honestly, who else would have her?

1. Well, Jenelllllle ....

Well, Jenelllllle ....
Jenelle ... well, things aren't going too great for her right now in many areas of her life.

2. Unfortunate

A lot of people are creeped out by her marriage to David Eason -- many people think he's controlling and possibly even abusive, to her and/or the children. They think this because of David's previous arrests for domestic violence, the way she seems so submissive lately, and all that scary gun stuff. Also for many more reasons, but that's another topic for another day.

3. Run, Jenelle, Run

Run, Jenelle, Run
Even if David isn't abusive at all to anyone in the family, it's clear that he's a bad influence. Before him, Jenelle never even talked about guns, but now she's allegedly chasing down strangers in fits of road rage and pulling guns on them.

4. Jesus God, David

Jesus God, David
The unsettling way she's sort of morphed into David hasn't done her any favors, and for several months now there have been rumors that she could be fired from Teen Mom 2, thanks to her new gun-loving, bigoted ways.

5. Bad Business Move

Bad Business Move
Which would be really very bad for her, because come on, what other career could she possibly have at this point?

6. Get It Together, Girl

Get It Together, Girl
You'd think that at this point, after David got fired for his nasty homophobic rant, that Jenelle would be doing her best to cooperate with MTV and secure her own job.

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