Jenelle Evans ALREADY Back with David Eason?! Teen Mom 2 Terror Breaks Silence on Separation [UPDATED]

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It's been a glorious time for Teen Mom gossip, hasn't it?

That's because Jenelle's just been on fire lately.

We don't want to say that her life has been falling apart, but ... well, it's not going great.

It rarely is, honestly, but we think a divorce usually qualifies as extra bad, right?

But is she even getting divorced?

What is going on with this girl?!

UPDATE: We've included Jenelle's irate response to our original article, and it's exactly as salty as you would expect.

1. Recap Time!

Recap Time!
OK, so there sure has been a lot going on with our favorite hot mess Teen Mom, huh?

2. Bad Times

Bad Times
Whatever happened between Jenelle and David, it happened sometime last week -- just in time for her to skip her traditional Valentine's Day gushing.

3. More Fights?

More Fights?
The general consensus, and this has been mentioned in a report we'll get to in a little bit, is that they got into some kind of fight after last week's episode of Teen Mom 2.

4. Yikes

You know, the one that showed us what happened after Jenelle's infamous 911 call.

5. One More Time

You've almost definitely heard the call by now, but for the sake of being thorough, here it is again: you can hear Jenelle sobbing hysterically and telling the operator that she thinks David may have broken her collarbone.

6. Oooh, Barbara

Oooh, Barbara
We always knew the call and its aftermath would have to be a big part of this season, and it has been -- we even saw Barbara directly say that she believes her daughter is the victim of domestic violence.

7. Not So Fast

Not So Fast
But of course that's not her story. Despite her 911 call being released for everyone to hear, she's been insisting that the whole thing is one big misunderstanding.

8. Uh ...

Uh ...
She's given a few different versions of this story, but on the show, she said that she and David had friends over one night, they got drunk, then David left and wouldn't answer her calls. When he finally got home, she ran at him and tripped in a hole.

9. Suuure

She then called 911 and said what she said because she was mad at David.

10. Too Much

Too Much
It's almost too dysfunctional to comprehend, right? But that's her story, and she's sticking to it.

11. More Rage

More Rage
So since she's been working so hard to make David seem like such a great guy, and since last week's episode showed so clearly that he's not, it makes sense that she'd be a little angry, right?

12. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
According to a report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Jenelle was so mad after seeing that episode that she called an executive producer and screamed at them.

13. Girl, Enough

Girl, Enough
The report claimed that “She accused Kristen," her producer, "and the other producers but mostly Kristen, of manipulating scenes to make David look bad. She said that’s why her life is in such bad shape right now and David is so mad at her.”

14. It's All Coming Together

It's All Coming Together
So he was mad at her over the episode, or because of the show in general, and by Saturday, he'd left her.

15. A Good Question

A Good Question
That morning, she posted this on her Instagram story, making it clear that David had split.

16. Single, Huh?

Single, Huh?
Then David changed his relationship status on Facebook to "single."

17. Really?

And Jenelle changed her's to "separated."

18. Single AF

Single AF
She even changed her profile photo to a picture of her by herself, and she captioned it "Single AF."

19. Oh Look, More!

Oh Look, More!
And since Jenelle is definitely the attention-seeking kind, she posted this, too -- a plea for someone to change her broken-hearted mood.

20. LOL

She also seemed to take a dig at David with this Maury meme.

21. Honey ...

Honey ...
And just in case all of that wasn't enough thirsting for attention, she asked someone to take her out so she could wear this outfit. Because she's single now and people can ask her out, get it?

22. Wow

So yeah, it was a very dramatic weekend down at the Eason swamp.

23. Weird

But since then, things have been quiet.

24. Seriously Though

Seriously Though
Too quiet.

25. Something's Amiss

Something's Amiss
You'd think that since we're dealing with Jenelle and David here, there would be unrelenting drama right about now, but it's pretty much been silent.

26. A Possibility

A Possibility
So could the breakup be off the table? Could they actually be dealing with their problems in private?

27. So Secretive

So Secretive
It's hard to believe, but they actually have been making some efforts to be more private.

28. A Mystery

A Mystery
If you check David's Facebook now, it no longer says he's single.

29. OK ...

OK ...
Jenelle's, meanwhile, still reads "separated," although for a while, there was no relationship information to be seen.

30. Interesting

So they're taking turns hiding their relationship statuses entirely.

31. The Real Question

The Real Question
So what does it all mean?!

32. The Truth

The Truth
Honestly, who knows?

33. Could Be

Could Be
Maybe they're trying to work things out, and that's why Jenelle hid the "separated" thing, but they're still fighting and that's why she put it back up.

34. Also Possible

Also Possible
Or maybe David realized that he'll never land someone who can give him as much money and attention as Jenelle does, so he's no longer listed as "single" because he's sucking up to her.

35. Unfortunately ...

Unfortunately ...
Really there's no telling what's going on down there until one of them comes back to social media to do some more ranting.

36. In the Meantime

In the Meantime
So maybe until we hear more about what's going on, we can hope for the best, all right? From what we've seen and heard of their relationship, there's a decent chance things are pretty scary over there right now.

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