Jenelle Evans Says She's Done Having Kids; David Eason Says She's Lying [UPDATED]

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Is Jenelle Evans a good mother?

LOL, just kidding.

Jenelle basically shot to reality superstardom because she wasn't a good mother -- she was actually really, really bad at it.

The first season of Teen Mom 2 was an absolute disaster when it came to her scenes, and since then, she's had two more children.

Have things gotten better? Sure.

But better certainly doesn't mean good.

And that's why the latest news concerning Jenelle's reproductive systen is just so, so great.

1. A Sincere Nightmare

A Sincere Nightmare
So Jenelle's parenting skills ... yeah, they're not so great.

2. Poor Jace

Poor Jace
After she gave birth to her first child, Jace, when she was 17 years old, and a few months later she lost custody of him to her mother.

3. Come On Now

Come On Now
The issue was that she just didn't understand that you have to, like, take care of a baby -- she honestly thought she could leave her newborn at home and party all night because he'd be sleeping anyway.

4. True

She once said that Jace didn't need her because he had her mom, and that was true -- Barbara stepped up to take care of him, and she's never stopped.

5. Sure

For several years, Jenelle kept talking about how she was going to get Jace back without ever really putting in any work to reach that goal. Instead, she got arrested several times and developed a heroin addiction.

6. Weird Move

Weird Move
She did eventually settle down a little bit -- she kicked heroin, at least -- but instead of putting her time and energy into getting things together for Jace, she just had another kid with a guy she'd known for a few weeks.


This wasn't her first pregnancy after Jace though -- she also got pregnant during her brief marriage to Courtland Rogers, but she had an abortion. That happened so close to Kaiser's conception that when she got the positive pregnancy test, she didn't know if she was actually pregnant or if it was just "leftovers from the abortion."

8. Moving On

Moving On
Still, Kaiser was born while Barbara still had custody of Jace, and although Jenelle and Nathan tried to make it work for a bit, they eventually broke up.

9. Enter David

Enter David
A month later, she started dating David Eason, and about six months after that, she got pregnant, although she suffered a miscarriage.

10. Oh Cool

Oh Cool
A few months after that, however, we learned from a police report (classic Jenelle) that she was pregnant again, and six months later, Ensley was born.

11. Over and Done

Over and Done
Not too long after that, Barbara gained permanent custody of Jace.

12. Oh, Jace

Oh, Jace
That happened in mediation, too, so Jenelle agreed on that. Which was probably for the best, since it would be cruel to take Jace away from the only home he's ever known at this point, but of course she still threw a giant fit about it.

13. The Truth Hurts

The Truth Hurts
Losing custody of her first child and having more children without getting him back wasn't cool, but that's hardly the only parenting fail she's had.

14. Little Ensley

Little Ensley
For example, we know that Ensley failed a drug test at birth because Jenelle couldn't stop smoking weed while she was pregnant.

15. More Mistakes

More Mistakes
According to the court documents from Nathan's custody case, the exact same thing happened when Kaiser was born.

16. It Gets Worse!

It Gets Worse!
But why is Nathan filing for custody in the first place? Because Kaiser's allegedly told him multiple times that David abuses him.

17. Poor Kid

Poor Kid
His mother said the same thing a couple of years ago when she tried to file for emergency custody of the boy -- that David hits him and Jenelle neglects him.

18. Too Much

Too Much
It's just a whole lot of bad stuff, OK? If you've followed Jenelle for any amount of time, you know there's no way we could list all the bad things she's done as a parent in the nearly ten years since she had Jace.

19. Hooray!

That's why everyone is so excited that she went and got her tubes tied!

20. OK

Early Satuday morning, she made a post on Facebook that read “And just like that her tubes were tied and she didn’t want anymore babies...”

21. Naturally

She also posted some things on her Instagram story from a hospital room, because Jenelle is physically incapable of being anywhere near a hospital and not documenting it.

22. Uh ...

Uh ...
Then David shared this photo of Jenelle leaving the hospital with the caption "Got my babe a get well soon gift to encourage her to get back on her feet! It sucks you had to go through this but at least we got some answers and you should be all better in no time! I love you so much!"

23. Mmmm

He also posted about cooking for her because "she don't feel good."

24. Interesting

It seems pretty clear what happened, but her rep confirmed to Us Weekly that she did, in fact, get her tubes tied.

25. Details

Her rep said that “She’s healing properly and focusing on her business ventures,” and that David “was by her side during the procedure.”

26. More Details!

More Details!
Then Jenelle herself spoke to E! News to explain more about the procedure.

27. Fair

"I decided to do it because I had constant pain on my left side and I get extremely sick when pregnant," she said. "I'm also happy with the number of kids I have now,"

28. Taking Care of Business

Taking Care of Business
She also said "Being back on my regular cycle was very important for me. I was on the IUD for birth control and thinned out my lining."

29. Ouch

"In the end I had my left ovary and polyps removed. They tied my right one though so I still have hormones."

30. Scary

There is a chance, although it's small, that those polyps could be cancerous, so they're being sent off to a lab for testing.

31. Best Wishes!

Best Wishes!
We hope the tests come back with good news -- Jenelle may not be the best mother, but we'd never wish any illness on her. Especially not when she finally had the self awareness to realize that she doesn't need any more kids!

32. UPDATE: Leading Us On?

UPDATE: Leading Us On?
Jenelle claimed in a number of now-deleted Instagram Stories that the procedure left her "crippled."

33. A Tad Dramatic

A Tad Dramatic
"I can’t lift more than 20 pounds for two weeks, so I’m just sitting here while they’re getting the groceries,” she explained, adding, "I feel helpless."

34. Busted

Shortly after describing herself as "crippled," however, Jenelle posted a video in which she could be seen strolling around her property and carrying daughter Ensley. Of course, absolutely no one was surprised that she was lying.

35. David's Story

David's Story
Bizarrely, David seems to be under the impression that Jenelle did NOT get her tubes tied.

36. A Tad Confused?

A Tad Confused?
According to David's Instagram post on the subject, Jenelle's procedure was purely exploratory,

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