Jenelle Evans Lets Toddler Play with Gun in Shocking New Video

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Jenelle Evans ... why is she the way that she is?

We know all about her history -- her troubled childhood, her teen pregnancy, her drug use and so on.

But still, you'd think that at some point she would learn not to do certain things, or at least not to do them in front of her nearly three million followers on Instagram.

Unfortunately, that's just not the case.

It's looking like Jenelle will never, ever learn.

And it's also looking like her kids are suffering for it.

1. A Big Question

A Big Question
Where do we even start on the topic of Jenelle's parenting fails?

2. A Fact

A Fact
There have just been so, so many.

3. Oh, Jace ...

Oh, Jace ...
Remember when Jace was a baby and Jenelle thought she could leave him at home while she went out to party all night because he'd be sleeping anyway? She said that when he was a newborn.

4. She Wasn't Wrong

She Wasn't Wrong
She thought it wasn't a big deal because her mom was there to take care of him, and she was right, because after a few months of this, Barbara got custody of Jace.

5. Not a Good Look

Not a Good Look
As questionable as some of the other Teen Moms were in the beginning, none of them have ever lost custody of their children like that.

6. Going Down a Bad Road

Going Down a Bad Road
After that, she got more into partying and drugs and getting arrested, and while she talked about getting Jace back every once in a while, she obviously wasn't in any place to do that.

7. Weird Move

Weird Move
So instead, she decided to have another baby as soon as she kicked that heroin habit, and pretty much immediately after meeting Nathan Griffith.

8. Girl ...

Girl ...
Because they wouldn't have time to fight if they were busy with a baby! That was actually her thought process.

9. And Then There Was David

And Then There Was David
Shockingly enough, that didn't work out, and just weeks after ending things with Nathan, David Eason entered the picture.

10. Oh No

Oh No
And it's probably safe to say that David has been her worst parenting choice yet.

11. But Why

But Why
As we saw on Teen Mom 2, David was always mean to poor little Kaiser -- most fans believe it's because he looks so much like Nathan.

12. Save Kaiser

Save Kaiser
And then of course there are all the reports that David has been physically abusing Kaiser -- Nathan has claimed that Kaiser told him that David hit him with a stick.

13. Seriously, Why

Seriously, Why
But despite all the red flags, Jenelle still had a child with David. And since we're talking about her parenting, she failed a drug test in the hospital immediately after giving birth, so that's not great.

14. Don't Forget Jace

Don't Forget Jace
Oh yeah, and in all this time, she never got Jace back. In fact, she agreed in mediation that her mother should have full, permanent custody.

15. The Worst

The Worst
And these are all big decisions tha she's made that have negatively impacted her kids. There are countless other smaller ones.

16. Just Stop

Just Stop
You know, like that time she thought it would be smart to follow a stranger to his house and pull a gun on him because she got a bad case of road rage, even though Jace was in the car with her.

17. Never Forget

Never Forget
Or the time she took Ensley on a trip to New York, even though she had the flu.

18. Let's Get to It

Let's Get to It
And, speaking of Ensley, she just so happens to be the subject of Jenelle's latest parenting fail!


Jenelle, after everything, thought it would be a good idea to share a video of Jenelle playing with a gun on her Instagram story.

20. Here She Is!

Here She Is!
Here's a screenshot from the video. As you can see, Jenelle sees Ensley as her "hunting babe," and in the video, we hear her ask "You goin' huntin'?"

21. Please No

Please No
Hopefully she's not going hunting, because she is two years old, but we wouldn't put it past these people.

22. The Issue

The Issue
And yeah, we get it, it's a toy, it's not like she's holding a real gun, but it's still a poor choice because we all know that they have plenty of real guns around the house, and that they're not all that careful about keeping them locked up.

23. See?!

Like, her dad carries a gun at all times, he's actually said that he'd love for someone to trespass on their property so he could shoot them, and he's got piles of guns and ammunition.

24. Makes Sense

Makes Sense
Some people would argue that kids as small as Ensley shouldn't be playing with toy guns anyway, but most of us can agree that it's at least a little concerning in this situation, right?

25. So Sad

So Sad
Is there any hope for Ensley? Is there any hope for any of these poor kids?

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