Jenelle Evans: Leaving Teen Mom 2 AND Losing All Rights to Her Son?!

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7. Poor Jace

Poor Jace
And let's not forget, Jace was right by Jenelle's side this entire time, witnessing everything. He was also apparently the reason the man didn't shoot Jenelle -- he said in an interview that he was about to pull out his own gun before he saw Jace in the passenger seat.

8. Well, Jenelle ...

Well, Jenelle ...
The season finale picked up right there, with Jenelle pulled over. After the police officer let her go, she asked Jace to call Barbara so she could meet them out somewhere -- she explained that he was going back home that night, but she'd get him back the next day for the weekend.

9. So Awful

So Awful
Jace had called Barbara before while Jenelle was with the police, and he'd told her what had happened, so when they met up with Barb, she asked Jenelle if she really had pulled a gun on that guy.

10. Ugh

She said that she hadn't, and Barb told her that Jace had said that she did. So she looked at Jace and said “Why are you telling her I pulled a gun out on him? I did not do that.”

11. Come On, Girl

Come On, Girl
Except she did do that, and she knew she did that. She knew that Jace was right there next to her, watching the whole thing, and that there were cameras in her car that captured it all.

12. Over It

Over It
Teen Mom 2 viewers were very displeased.

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