Jenelle Evans: Keeping Job on Teen Mom 2 or Getting Fired? The Truth Revealed!

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7. Not Doing Great

Not Doing Great
Reports claimed that network executives held several meetings to figure out what to do with her, and that she couldn't get in touch with anyone at all from the show, so she had no idea what was going on.

8. OK, Girl

OK, Girl
She began making some bizarre statements on Twitter, things about how she wouldn't allow her children to be on the show anymore. She also liked a bunch of tweets about how she should be fired, which doesn't seem like the smartest move for someone whose job is on the line.

9. A New Show?

A New Show?
She also announced that she'd be releasing her own videos on her YouTube channel, because who needs MTV money, right? Sure, you'd think someone with as many mug shots and as many kids as Jenelle could really use that MTV money, but YouTube is probably fine too.

10. LOL

In what may be the most wacky report about this whole entire mess, one source claimed that Jenelle had hired an entertainment lawyer to negotiate with MTV, and that she asked for extra money for the crew to film on her property. Because everyone knows that when your job is at risk, you ask for MORE money.

11. The Truth?

The Truth?
But even after all that, we still haven't heard one way or another if Jenelle will be featured on Teen Mom 2 after this upcoming season that's already been filmed. Until now!

12. Back at It!

Back at It!
According to a production source who spoke with The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Jenelle hasn't been fired. And not only has she not been fired, but she'll be back to work as soon as next week.

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