Jenelle Evans-Kailyn Lowry Feud Heats Up: You Have 10 Mug Shots and Can't Get a Job!

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7. Receipts

Jenelle then posted this screenshot of a text message conversation between herself and Kailyn. It's not completely clear what she was trying to prove in doing so.

8. The Secret Keeper

The Secret Keeper
Evans clearly wants credit for not revealing the identity of Kailyn's baby daddy. Of course, she also tweeted that Kail was pregnant knowing full well that Lowry wasn't ready to go public with the news, so she doesn't earn many points for that one.

9. In Touch With In Touch

In Touch With In Touch
It seems Jenelle also intended to shame Kailyn for giving an interview to In Touch Weekly. The problem there is, Kail didn't say anything terribly scandalous, and Jenelle frequently gives exclusive interviews to tabloids herself.

10. Returning Fire

Returning Fire
Clearly, Kail isn't as combative as Jenelle (is anyone?), but she's also not one to take criticism lying down. She was quick to address the claim (apparently made in Jenelle's cease and desist letter) that her comments are preventing Jenelle from finding employment.

11. The Mugshot Queen

The Mugshot Queen
"If you have 10+ mugshots do not try to blame me for you not being [able] to secure a job," Lowry tweeted.

12. She Ain't Lying

She Ain't Lying
Believe it or not, Kailyn is not exaggerating. Jenelle has been arrested at least 16 times, for charges ranging from possession to assault.

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