Jenelle Evans: Just So We're Clear, I Don't Care About Jace Anymore Either!

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37. How?!

Jenelle hasn't had custody of Jace since he was basically a newborn, so that part obviously doesn't apply to him, but it seems that she's no longer even looking to have unsupervised visitation with him.

38. Just ... No

Just ... No
So until Jace is 18, Jenelle is going to be perfectly content only seeing him under official supervision, with CPS workers or at a visitation center, most likely.

39. It Just Doesn't. Make. Sense.

It Just Doesn't. Make. Sense.
After so many years of "fighting" for him and telling anyone would listen about how much she wants her son back, this is how it ends.

40. Just Terrible

Just Terrible
The Ashley's source confirms that “They are now only fighting to win back custody of Ensley and Kaiser,” and how do they think that's going to look to the judge?

41. Worst Parents Ever?

Worst Parents Ever?
"They're perfectly fine with letting nearly every tie to their two older kids go, but if they want their babies back, well, that's admirable" ... there's no way anyone is going to think that.

42. Poor, Poor Kids

Poor, Poor Kids
We hope Jace and Maryssa aren't too damaged by this latest develoment, but it's hard to imagine this won't hurt at least a little bit, you know?

43. What Next?

What Next?
As for Ensley and Kaiser ... well, the battle rages on.

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