Jenelle Evans: I'm Single! David Eason is GONE!

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37. Direct, Huh?

Direct, Huh?
And in case you didn't get that she's single now, she shared some photos of an outfit she likes and asked "Who wants to go out with me so I can wear this?"

38. Hold Up

Hold Up
Before we get too excited, we have to remember that while all of this is very exciting, and while most normal people wouldn't do all of this unless they were 100% done with their partner ... this is Jenelle we're talking about here.

39. Oh, The Hope ...

Oh, The Hope ...
She and David have definitely changed their relationship statuses on Facebook before during fights, so there's no guarantee that they're really over.

40. SAME

But boy, are Teen Mom fans excited for what's going to happen now.

41. Poor Barb

Poor Barb
As one person speculated on Twitter, "Jenelle has serious abandonment issues & can't function w/o a man. It wldn't surprise me if they are getting back together & will put alllll the blame on Barb (since Barb totally outed David). That is easier than than dealing w reality. Barb need to be careful now."

42. Seems Likely

Seems Likely
"Who thinks david will go on a rant and post about jenelle??"another person asked. "I think if they truly seperate he will slam her in every way he can (sex tapes, prood she did drugs, ect). I also think he will take everything."

43. Also This

Also This
Along that same train of thought, someone said "I literally don’t care if David has a video of Jenelle shooting H or getting a train run on her, I’d much rather see that than the continuous abuse of her kids at his hand."

44. Poor Maryssa

Poor Maryssa
"So if Jenelle and David split, what is going to happen to poor Maryssa?" read one tweet about David's oldest daughter, the one he has custody of.


One especially dark tweet said "What if this is a set up to Kill Barb. Barb Joke about David coming to her house to Kill her. How do we know this isnt a setup. Jenelle Being Nice to Barb then faking the split then she moves in with Barb since she has no place to go Then one night lets David in to kill barb."

46. Another Possibility

Another Possibility
"Jenelle will say 'we never broke up, everything is fine. David went to rescue a bus full of Nuns. I called his phone and he didn’t answer, so I was mad at him. that’s all, It’s all my fault,'" yet another Twitter user joked.

47. What Next?

What Next?
So where do we go from here? If they do get a divorce, they don't have a prenup, and as all these people pointed out, he's petty enough to do anything in his power to make her look bad.

48. Oh, Ensley ...

Oh, Ensley ...
And what about Ensley? Who would get custody? Who would be the better choice? Why is everything so awful?

49. Hold Tight

Hold Tight
There are so many questions, but right now, this could go a bunch of different ways. So we'll just have to hang in there and hope for the best, OK? "The best," of course, being that Jenelle invents a time machine and goes back to before she ever married this jackass.

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