Jenelle Evans: I'm Finally Launching My Makeup Line, Dude!

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7. Sticking To the Script

Sticking To the Script
And as with every other failed launch, Jenelle has offered no explanation for why the date is suddenly being swept under the rug. Not a good sign ...

8. Web Mogul

Web Mogul
Of course, it's 2019, so most of Jenelle's sales will take place online, presumably through her website. And if you thought her personal life was a mess ...

9. Hurricane Hits the Coast

Hurricane Hits the Coast
As with everything else she does in life, Jenelle's website is mostly about vanity.

10. We Guess It Serves a Purpose?

We Guess It Serves a Purpose?
It's a good place to go if you want to see some of her older bikini pics, but there's not much info on how and when you can buy her makeup.

11. Whoops!

And Jenelle being Jenelle, her website contains one colossal error ...

12. Unbelievable ... And Freakin' Hilarious!

Unbelievable ... And Freakin' Hilarious!
If you click the link to buy Jenelle's cosmetics line, it takes you to her old site ... which was bought up by an animal rights group after she failed to keep up on the payments.

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