Jenelle Evans: Facing New Charges in the Death of Nugget?!

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25. Uh Oh!

Uh Oh!
As it turns out, she may have spoken too soon about the powers that be deciding not to press charges.

26. The Real Story

The Real Story
After the sheriff's office official statement was released and everybody heard about the new theory that Jenelle called the police about Nugget for publicity, lots of people thought she should be charged with filing a false police report, but a spokesperson for the sheriff's office told a local news station, WWAY, that “the elements to charge for that were not met.”

27. Trouble Brewing?

Trouble Brewing?
However, the station also reached out to District Attorney Jon David, who told them that “Prosecutors from my office will be meeting with the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office next week to review the evidence. “I am (unable) to forecast what decisions will be made at that juncture.”

28. Cool

So is there a possibility that Jenelle could be charged now? Yep, looks like it!

29. Hold Up

Hold Up
But before you get too excited that a tiny bit of justice may be served in this whole sad, sorry story, remember that it's also possible that nothing will happen at all, or that even if she does get charged, she won't face any consequences.

30. Real Talk

Real Talk
After all, she never does. Ever.

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