Jenelle Evans: Did She STEAL A DOG In the Aftermath of Hurricane Florence?!

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7. Groceries For Jenelle

Groceries For Jenelle
Last week, Jenelle posted pics of food that she received from an organization called Full Cart. That kicked off one of the biggest scandals of Jenelle's very scandal-plagued career.

8. What's Going On Here?

What's Going On Here?
"Everyone that is affected by the hurricane can apply," Jenelle tweeted. "They sent me a confirmation email and I ordered on 9/18. Spread the word!"

9. So ... Jenelle Is Poor Now?

So ... Jenelle Is Poor Now?
Fans quickly determined that the charity is income based, which means millionaire Jenelle proooobably shouldn't have qualified.

10. It Keeps Getting Worse

It Keeps Getting Worse
As ugly as that scandal was, it was quickly overshadowed by an even more bizarre allegation, this one involving Jenelle, her Twitter account, and an innocent pooch.

11. Jenelle Finds a Dog

Jenelle Finds a Dog
Yes, Jenelle found a dog that appeared to have been orphaned by the storm. Seems innocent enough, right?

12. Jenelle ... KEEPS a Dog?!

Jenelle ... KEEPS a Dog?!
Ha! This is Jenelle we're talking about, which means nothing is truly innocent. In fact, she's now being accused of something downright nefarious.

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