Jenelle Evans: David is the BEST Dad! Nugget Asked for It!

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7. Run

Maryssa is with her grandmother, and although Jenelle has denied it, reliable sources have claimed that she and David are no longer interested in regaining custody of her.

8. Yikes

And so Jenelle and David are home alone, with only themselves to care for. And it hasn't been going great.

9. Scary

Jenelle seems to be getting a bit delusional -- more than usual, even.

10. Ugh

We saw a good example of this last week when she got into a heated argument with Barbara after court.

11. No No No

No No No
It started because she wanted to hold Ensley, which isn't exactly legal right now -- she's only allowed to see her kids under CPS supervision. Barbara wasn't into it because she had to get Ensley some lunch and then get back to the courthouse in just thirty minutes, and Jenelle told her that if she had a problem she could go get an officer.

12. Why?

It was such a dumb move because Ensley has been through enough, she doesn't need to be snatched from her mother's arms by a cop, and also not one bit of this would impress the judge.

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