Jenelle Evans Claps Back at Babs: My Kids Are NOT Happier Without Me!

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It's been three weeks since Jenelle Evans lost custody of her children.

While most parents would have spent that time laser-focused on getting their kids back, Jenelle seems ... not terribly concerned.

Evans has been traveling for business and posting on social media as though she doesn't have a care in the world.

And bizarrely, it seems she's under the impression that she can convince fans she's a top-notch mom simply by posting throwback pics of a time when she was still allowed to see her kids for more than an hour a week.

Needless to say, she's not fooling anyone.

Take a look at Jenelle's latest efforts:

1. Simpler Times

Simpler Times
Jenelle was never exactly mom of the year material. But now that she's lost custody of her kids, she's trying to convince fans that she used to actually care about parenting.

2. Broken Home

Broken Home
These days, Jenelle's daughter Ensley and her eldest son Jace are living with their grandmother, Barbara Evans. Her middle child, 4-year-old Kaiser, is living with his father, Nathan Griffith.

3. A Tense Relationship

A Tense Relationship
Jenelle and Babs have never been besties, but their relationship seemed to improve somewhat over the course of the past year.

4. Back At It

Back At It
However, it looks as though the latest developments in Jenelle's custody situation have these two back at one another's throats.

5. On the Mend

On the Mend
Little Ensley is only 2, but she's already had a rough life. Babs posted some pics of the toddler over the weekend, and many fans gushed that she looks happier and healthier than ever.

6. The Consensus

The Consensus
As you can see from the response to the pic, many fans believe Ensley is doing much, much better without Jenelle.

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