Jenelle Evans and David Eason: Horrifying Secrets from The Land Revealed!

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7. And This

And This
Speaking of 911 calls, there was another one from just before Christmas last year where Jenelle called because David had gotten upset over something he read online and started destroying things outside, including their front door -- he was seen at Lowe's that same day, buying a new one.

8. Too Sad

Too Sad
But we don't want anyone to think that the only bad things the kids experienced was the insane fighting between Jenelle and David -- nope, there was also alleged abuse and neglect, too.

9. Poor Kaiser

Poor Kaiser
Nathan and his mother, Doris, who up until recently had been supervising his visits with Kaiser, have been telling everyone for years now that David and Jenelle don't treat the kid right at all.

10. Ugh

They've said that Jenelle neglects the kids by putting them outside and locking the door for hours, and of course by letting David interact with them.

11. So Wrong

So Wrong
And they've said that Kaiser has told them on more than one occasion that David has hurt him -- Nathan claimed that he told him David hit him with a stick, and Doris has alleged that he told her David punched him in the head.

12. More Recently ...

More Recently ...
Like we said, this is in no way a complete list of the Eason parenting fails, but let's go ahead and move onto the thing that set off this current chain of events -- the death of poor Nugget.

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