Jen Harley to Jenelle Evans: You'll STFU If You Know What's Good For You!

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For the better part of a decade, Jenelle Evans has enjoyed igniting feuds with her co-stars and then playing the victim when the conflict doesn't go her way.

Now, however, Jenelle is branching out by pissing off stars of different MTV reality shows.

And the Carolina Hurricane may have bitten off more than she can chew in her new beef with Jen Harley.

Jen, of course, is the hot-tempered baby mama of Jersey Shore star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro.

Harley has quickly earned a reputation among fans for her low tolerance for bullsh-t and her willingness to engage with those she feels have wronged her.

In other words, Jenelle might want to squash this conflict or start watching her back ...

1. A Tale of Two Jens

A Tale of Two Jens
Jenelle has never been one to shy away from a feud, but usually there's not a whole lot at stake. That's not the case with her latest beef.

2. A Safe Distance

A Safe Distance
Jenelle does the majority of her trash-talking from a safe distance on social media. And if the objects of her harassment fight back, she's quick to have her lawyers fire off a cease and desist.

3. An Object of Pity

An Object of Pity
At this point, Evans' Teen Mom 2 co-stars will occasionally engage with her, but for the most part, they seem to feel sorry for the troubled mother of three.

4. Staying Safe

Staying Safe
As a result, the conflict never progresses beyond a certain point: Jenelle accuses her co-stars of unfair treatment; they point to one of the many times she's engaged in far worse behavior; she quietly slinks away, and that's the end of it.

5. Living to Fight Another Day

Living to Fight Another Day
As a result, Jenelle has faced legal consequences for acts of violence committed against weaker victims, but she's effectively been able to hide behind her legal team when it comes to feuds with her castmates, many of whom would easily dismantle her in a fight.

6. Enter Jen

Enter Jen
Evans may not be so lucky when it comes to Jen Harley, who clearly doesn't fear the law ... or physical confrontations ... or anything, really ...

7. The Real Deal

The Real Deal
In her short time on their radar, Jen has earned a reputation among Jersey Shore viewers as something of a loose cannon.

8. No Mean Feat

No Mean Feat
Needless to say, that's something of an accomplishment when you're talking about a show that features nothing but loose cannons.

9. A Tabloid Staple

A Tabloid Staple
Jen has made headlines for her tumultuous relationship with Ronnie, but now it seems she's turned her attention to a much more deserving target.

10. Jenelle vs. Kail

Jenelle vs. Kail
It all started when Jenelle launched a social media tirade against co-star Kailyn Lowry earlier this week.

11. Going Off

Going Off
Jenelle blasted Kail for allegedly posting links to factually inaccurate stories about her on Twitter and Instagram.

12. A Step Too Far?

A Step Too Far?
Evans then got VERY personal, encouraging Kail to find someone to "love" so that she can "stop fantasizing about other's lives and putting others down because you don't have the life you want."

13. Hypocritical Much?

Hypocritical Much?
As many fans have pointed out, Jenelle posts tabloid stories about other public figures (including her co-stars) on an almost-daily basis.

14. Jen Speaks the Truth

Jen Speaks the Truth
"I personally think this is funny because she posts the most untrue stories about Ronnie and I all the time," Harley replied to Evans' allegation.

15. Sometimes, All You Can Do Is LOL

Sometimes, All You Can Do Is LOL
"And now she's complaining because someone did it to her lol," Harley added, clearly enjoying the humor in the situation.

16. Jenelle Zips It

Jenelle Zips It
To the surprise of absolutely no one, Jenelle had nothing to say in response to Jen's comments.

17. A Legal Matter?

A Legal Matter?
Knowing Jenelle, however, Jen shouldn't be surprised if she receives a sternly worded letter from a North Carolina-based lawyer in the very near future.

18. Kail's View

Kail's View
As for Kail, she's well-acquainted with the absurdity that is Jenelle Evans and thus, seems thoroughly unsurprised by the situation.

19. Telling It Like Is

Telling It Like Is
"Out of everyone she's only bothered by me...and I'm not even writing about her," Lowry recently told Radar Online.

20. That's That

That's That
"Jenelle only makes a big deal about me when something else is going on underneath it all. Lol. So...that's that. There's clearly a deeper issue here," Lowry concluded.

21. Twitter Sounds Off

Twitter Sounds Off
Some of the fine folks of Twitter offered their two cents on the situation, and we think it's safe to say Jen has the crowd on her side.

22. A Vivid Image

A Vivid Image
Here's one of our favorite tweets about the situation. Quite an ironic punishment for the notoriously homophobic David Eason.

23. Khabib's Got Nothing on Jen

Khabib's Got Nothing on Jen
As many have pointed out, Jen knows how to hold her own in a fight. Jenelle talks a lot of smack ... but so does Conor McGregor, and look how that turned out.

24. Harleys Are Dangerous

Harleys Are Dangerous
We've seen Jen throw down before. And something tells us Ronnie is a tougher opponent than Jenelle.

25. Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theory
Many believe Jenelle is using the Jen situation to distract from more serious issues in her life, such as recent domestic violence allegations against David.

26. A Very Jenelle Situation

A Very Jenelle Situation
Whatever the case, wish Kail, Jen, and everyone who has to deal with Jenelle's BS the very best of luck.

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