Jenelle Evans: Her Most Jaw-Dropping Moments From 16 & Pregnant to 25 & Bonkers!

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13. Those Feathers in Her Hair

Those Feathers in Her Hair
We could not possibly discuss Jenelle's wildest moments without referencing the time that she actually believed she could avoid jail by telling her lawyer that she had tickets to a Kesha concert. As hard as it was for her to believe, even though she got all those feathers in her hair, judges don't particularly care.

14. Heroin

Doing heroin is one thing, but doing heroin in front of an entire film crew? That's ... that's something else.

15. Fightin' with Babs

If we're talking about some intense Jenelle moments, we obviously have to talk about the fight she had with her mother, Barbara, in the first season of Teen Mom 2. It was shocking, heartbreaking, and it gave us such classic TM lines like "I seen you wif Kieffah!"

16. Fightin' with Tori

A girl named Tori has been Jenelle's only constant friend throughout the years, but everything isn't always peachy in their relationship. To prove that point, check out another iconic fight from Teen Mom 2 -- the one with the drumsticks. This one gave us the classic "Leave me alone!" line, too!

17. Courtland

Oh, and how's this for awful? After breaking up with Kieffer and while still super into heroin, Jenelle met and married Courtland Rogers. Just in case you didn't hear, it was a bad choice.

18. Nope

In one of Jenelle and Courtland's many, many fights, Jenelle accused him of causing a miscarriage -- she was pregnant with his child at least once. She even sent him this disturbing picture, but before you get too upset, you should know that Gary Head has said that this is actually a photo that she staged with some Kool-Aid.

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