Javi Marroquin Called the Cops After Lauren Comeau Caught Him Cheating! [UPDATED]

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13. An Ill-Fated Affair

An Ill-Fated Affair
Famously, it was around this time that Javi hooked up with his Teen Mom 2 co-star (and Kail Lowry's sworn nemesis) Briana DeJesus. It's even been suggested that Javi got Lauren pregnant while he was still dating Briana, though the timetables have been hard to pin down.

14. Why Stop There?

Why Stop There?
But Briana wasn't Javi's only conquest during this time. Far from it, in fact. And not even the only conquest who calls herself a member of the Teen Mom franchise!

15. Old Flames

Old Flames
Javi also hooked up with Kail between while he was on a break from his relationship with Lauren. It's not clear when or how many times this occurred or whether he was also involved with anyone else at the time.

16. A Little Overlap

A Little Overlap
Kail, for her part, has stated that she was "blindsided" by the news that Javi and Lauren had gotten back together, as she was still sleeping with him at the time.

17. A Lot on His Plate

A Lot on His Plate
Yes, if you're keeping score at home, it seems that at one point in his life, Javi was hooking up with Lauren, Briana, and Kail AT THE SAME TIME!

18. Not the Culprits

Not the Culprits
But it seems unlikely that Javi cheated on Lauren with either Kail or Bri. The latter is in a relationship, and the former is likely beyond sick of his s--t at this point in life.

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