Britney Spears: See Her Most Iconic Photos of ALL TIME

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Britney Spears has been an icon for two decades.

From her glory days to her dark days to the present day and every phase in between, it's been a wild, wild ride - one that's taken a surprising and possibly troubling turn of late.

With the Free Britney movement gaining momentum, many fans are wondering if their hero may finally be set free from the conservatorship set up to control her every action.

We can't speak to that. We certainly have our strong opinions, and urge the powers that be to #FreeBritney immediately. But it's out of our hands, sadly. We just know this:

She's still a goddess, and that will never change.

Let's all wish her the best, and relive some epic moments - past and present - of Britney Spears via the following gallery of her most memorable (read: stunning) photos ...

28. Vintage

Britney Spears, vintage edition. So, so unbelievable.

27. Best. Kiss. Ever.

Best. Kiss. Ever.
Britney Spears lays one on Madonna. Yes, that's Madonna and Britney Spears (who appears to be waring a lace teddy) in an open-mouthed kiss. Let's take a long, long, LONG look at this one, shall we? Yes. Let's.

26. Spears Gets Low

Spears Gets Low
If Britney Spears has shown us anything through the years, it's that her ability to maneuver her body interestingly on stage has never wavered.

25. Britney in Rolling Stone

Britney in Rolling Stone
Britney Spears in Rolling Stone, from way back in the day. The HOT day.

24. Britney Spears, Baby

Britney Spears, Baby
Britney Spears rides a bike in that infamous Rolling Stone spread from back in the day.

23. Gorgeous Poster

Gorgeous Poster
A Britney Spears poster more than a few dudes probably hung up back in the day.

22. Esquire Goddess

Esquire Goddess
Britney Spears poses in Esquire. Back in her sexy heyday.

21. Rolling Stone Heat

Rolling Stone Heat
Wow. Just wow.

20. Like a Caged Animal

Like a Caged Animal
Britney Spears is like an animal, caged and waiting to be set free so that she may inundate us with sensual, pulse-pounding music. And the occasional crotch shot.

19. With the Snake

With the Snake
Britney Spears carries around a snake during her infamous VMA performance.

18. Another Look at the Kiss Above

Another Look at the Kiss Above
Some things are worth looking at twice, you know? Especially from a different angle. Britney Spears and Madonna lean in for what would become one of the most talked-about kisses ever. For good reason.

17. Wallpapered

A fan favorite from the Britney Spears calendar / desktop wallpaper days. For good reason.

16. At the Circus

At the Circus
Britney Spears looks smoking hot during her big comeback tour ... her life is like a Circus but we wouldn't have it any other way.

15. Love of Your Life

Love of Your Life
If this photo doesn't take you back to the days when you first had a crush on Britney, we don't even know what to say. You may not have a pulse.

14. Lifted Leg Love

Lifted Leg Love
Britney Spears gives men everywhere some very compelling thoughts with this photo from Out magazine. Nice to see that after all these years she remains so limber.

13. Like the Old Days

Like the Old Days
Britney posed for this photo in early 2016. But it could have been from 2009, don't you agree?

12. Still Got It ...

Still Got It ...
We know it's kind of cheating to include a GIF in a gallery of photos, but we make the rules, and you gotta admit, seeing her in motion like this during the Piece of Me tour just illustrates how she's still got it ...

11. ... And She Knows It!

... And She Knows It!
Britney shared this topless picture of herself on Instagram in the summer of 2016.

10. All Natural

All Natural
She's famous for her iconic blonde hair. But did you know Britney is a natural brunette?

9. In All Her Glory

In All Her Glory
Britney's cover photo for Glory is aptly titled.

8. One Lucky Man

One Lucky Man
Britney Spears and her BF Sam have been together for a couple of years now. They seem to be happy together, so we're happy for them.

7. Women's Health

Women's Health
This photo was taken when Britney posed for Women's Health magazine. That's the kind of health we can get behind.

6. Shredded

She may be 38 now, but Britney Spears is in the best shape of her life. Look at all those hours in the gym paying off.

5. Flawless

Britney is perfect. We said it. @ us.

4. The Full Body Tattoo

The Full Body Tattoo
The most recent edition to this gallery is a stunner, alright. Britney wowed her Instagram fans - many of whom believe she is being held captive in some way by her father and/or the legal conservatorship he controls - with this full body art.

3. Britney Got Back

Britney Got Back
Spears posted this gorgeous photo in the summer of 2021, as the Free Britney movement intensified and she succeeded at having her voice heard in court. Perhaps this was symbolic of freedom finally being in her grasp, or close to it. And we didn't know it at the time, but soon enough, she would up the ante ...

2. Instant Classic

Instant Classic
The Britney two were freed like never before in this instant classic photo from July 2021. Needless to say, this received millions of hearts on Instagram within hours of Spears giving the world this unforgettable image. A day later, she gave us an encore, which you can see below.

1. Breaking the Internet

Breaking the Internet
Sorry, Kim Kardashian. You have nothing on Queen Britney.

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