Hollywood's Biggest Cheapskates & Worst Tippers Revealed!

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There are lots of ways to make enemies in Hollywood and earn a reputation as a typical celebrity D-bag, but perhaps none of them are more baffling than chronic penny-pinching.

After all, the vast majority of stars are fabulously rich, and now more than ever, most of them have done very little in the way of actual work to earn their fortunes.

Add to that the fact that today's waiter might be tomorrow's A-list director, and celebrity rudeness makes even less sense.

There have always been rumors about certain big shots mistreating "the help" (We're looking at you, Kendall Jenner.) but the new issue of Star magazine goes straight to the source to find out which stars have earned their bad reputations by taking testimony from longtime waiters, bus boys and bartenders at Hollywood's favorite hot spots.

The tabloid has published a list of the biggest cheapskates, the worst tippers and the rudest customers in Tinsel Town, and we're happy to bring you some of the highlights.

If you're planning to go out this weekend, please, please don't be like any of these people:


1. Gwyneth Paltrow

Not surprisingly, Gwyneth cements her snobby reputation every time a waiter brings her the check. Sources say the actress blames her paltry tips on the fact that she's "bad at math."

2. Jennifer Aniston

Apparently, Jen regularly visits a psychic named Fay. She pays Fay's $150 fee, and seems happy with the services provided, but never leaves a tip. “Jennifer clearly thinks that Fay does a good job, because she keeps coming back for more – but it’s strange that she won’t leave a thank-you.” We'd say that's more than MEDIUM rude. Sorry.

3. Mick Jagger

Waiters and waitresses will get no satisfaction from the Rolling Stones frontman. One source tells a story about a time when Mick left a $10 tip on a $90 bill at a DC pizza joint. In fairness to Mick, tipping is a purely American custom.

4. Angelina Jolie

Angie earned a spot on the list, but we're totally fine with her alleged cheapness. A source says Jolie “makes it clear to her kids that they don’t need the nicest clothes. She wants them to realize that they are blessed compared to all the children suffering in the world.” And they always look perfectly happy and stylish to us!

5. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba
Despite being the CEO of a billion dollar company, Jessica reportedly takes frugality to a new level, refusing to give out free samples of her company's products to even her closest friends. “She was way more generous when she had less money," says a source. "Now that she’s loaded, she’s holding on to every cent like it’s her last.

6. Usher

The R&B icon apparently thinks it's acceptable to leave an autograph in lieu of a tip. Sounds like someone needs to show Usher the exit!

7. Robert Pattinson

Pattinson reportedly refuses to pay for most services, and has been to simply walk out after receiving a haircut. Is it just us, or did he just become less dreamy?

8. Sarah Michelle Gellar

Like Jolie, Gellar is an intensely frugal mom. Sources say she pulls her kids out of school for family vacations, because she likes to save money by traveling in the off-season.

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