Game of Thrones Season 8 Photos: Smile, Jon Snow!

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7. The Future Throne Holder?

The Future Throne Holder?
Dany is all business at this point. Then again, when was Dany ever not all business?!?

8. Chin Up, Jon Snow...

Chin Up, Jon Snow...
... you just banged Dany, dude. Can you smile for a change?

9. Dany in White

Dany in White
This is a new look for the Mother of Dragons. What do you think of it?

10. Oh, Jorah

Oh, Jorah
One of our favorite side characters, we're very happy to see Jorah is still around.

11. Feed Me!

Feed Me!
Sansa has a bread bowl in hand and looks a bit hungry in this simple photograph.

12. What is Cersei Thinking?

What is Cersei Thinking?
We don't know the exact answer, but we have a strong feeling that it's something evil.

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