Forbes Most Powerful Women: Celebrities with Strength

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7. Angelina Jolie (#50)

Angelina Jolie (#50)
Angelina Jolie does an impressive amount of humanity work around the world. Forbes has recognized the actress on its Most Powerful Women list.

8. Shakira (#58)

Shakira (#58)
Shakira has many things going for her, among them: this singer's hips do NOT lie. Never.

9. Lady Gaga (#67)

Lady Gaga (#67)
Lady Gaga is the 67th Most Powerful Woman in the World. Forbes has given a respectful shout-out to this artist.

10. Gisele Bundchen (#88)

Gisele Bundchen (#88)
Gisele Bundchen may only be the 88th Most Powerful Woman in the World, according to Forbes. But she could be number-one on the Hottest Woman in the World list.

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