Farrah Abraham: Fired From Teen Mom OG, Getting Replaced By Who?!

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13. The Drawback

The Drawback
At this point, it seems the biggest thing - and possibly the only thing - working against Mackenzie is the fact that she's already clashed with fans and producers over negative comments about her that appeared on social media. She's threatened to quit the show in the past, and producers might be afraid that if they hire Mackenzie, they'll be embarking on a search for another replacement mom much sooner than they'd like.

14. McKee to Success

McKee to Success
Contrast that with Mackenzie McKee, who's made no secret of the fact that she would LOVE another shot at Teen Mom stardom.

15. A Second Chance

A Second Chance
Producers considered McKee for Teen Mom 2, but passed on her in favor of Briana. These days, however, public interest in Mackenzie's life is at an all-time high for a very sad reason. Her mother, Andie Douthit, has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. It's a tragic development, but the family's struggle to cope could make for compelling television.

16. Already Filming?

Already Filming?
“There’s a production team that’s been going down to Oklahoma to film Mackenzie over the past few weeks,” one insider tells The Ashley. “Right now, they are planning to use that footage to do a ‘Teen Mom’ special. It will likely be Being Mackenzie but that hasn’t been totally confirmed yet.”

17. Down to Two

Down to Two
Producers may have yet to reach a final decision, but it seems they're 100 percent certain that one of the Mackenzies will be joining the cast next season. “There is no one else in consideration at this time,” the source confirms to The Ashley. “Anyone else is just a rumor. If they are planning to use anyone else, it is being kept completely on the down-low.”

18. What's At Stake?

What's At Stake?
Obviously, landing the gig would change both women's lives. They'd have a long way to go before they start earning the really big bucks, but it's still one hell of a plum gig. “They are planning to pay her around $3,000 an episode to take the fourth spot on ‘Teen Mom OG,'” says one of The Ashley’s sources. “That would obviously be significantly less than the other girls make." The insider adds that in recent weeks, one clear front-runner has emerged...

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