Farrah Abraham: Fired From Teen Mom OG, Getting Replaced By Who?!

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7. Mackenzie Standifer Edwards

Mackenzie Standifer Edwards
Yes, one of the potential full-timers is already very familiar to fans of the show. Mackenzie Standifer married Ryan Edwards last summer, and her life has been wildly tumultuous ever since. The situation has made for some compelling television, so it's not all that surprising that producers are interested in making her a full-fledged member of the cast.

8. Mackenzie McKee

Mackenzie McKee
Mackenzie McKee was one of the stars of MTV's short-lived Teen Mom 3. While the show was a casualty of sequel fatigue, interest in the lives of its principal players has remained consistent. Last year, TM3 alum Briana DeJesus joined the cast of Teen Mom 2, and now, producers are reportedly considering Mackenzie McKee for the OG iteration.

9. Battle of the Mackenzies

Battle of the Mackenzies
Yes, in a bizarre coincidence, MTV is considering two moms named Mackenzie for the coveted position. So who has the upper hand? Well, allow us to break down each Mack's chances...

10. The Standifer Experiment

The Standifer Experiment
Mrs. Standifer-Edwards' odds are improved by the fact that the show won't have to waste any time familiarizing viewers with her situation. Fans know what she's up against, and they're already very interested in her struggle.

11. Ryan's Hope

Ryan's Hope
Mackenzie is a complicated figure in that she's been both blamed for Ryan's downfall and credited with his newfound sobriety. Obviously, neither assessment is completely fair, but there's no denying that she's had a hand in helping her husband turn his life around.

12. Mackenzie vs. Maci

Mackenzie vs. Maci
Despite that, Mackenzie still butts heads with Ryan's baby mama, Maci Bookout. Their conflict may not be great for the children in their lives, but fans appear to be loving every second of it. So it stands to reason that producers would want to feature more of it on the TMOG.

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