Farrah Abraham: Having Mental Breakdown After Being Fired from Teen Mom OG?!

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7. Some Confusion

Some Confusion
He reminded her that she'd told MTV she wouldn't be doing adult videos anymore, and as bizarre as it sounds, Farrah seemed to not understand that those camgirl shows counted as "adult videos."

8. Oh, Honey ...

Oh, Honey ...
"I have no new celebrity sex tapes out there," she said, and Morgan acknowledged that that was true, but that masturbating on the internet is "the same type of behavior." Because obviously it is.

9. An Ultimatum

An Ultimatum
He told her that no one was judging her for those shows, but "if you choose to work in the adult industry, we can’t continue to film your show for Teen Mom." As he explained it, this was a decision by people higher up, and that "no one’s saying that you can’t do any of this stuff. It’s just, if you’re gonna go down that path, we can’t keep shooting this path."

10. A Decision

A Decision
She told him that she doesn't have to choose anything, but later we saw Morgan taking a phone call from Farrah in which she said "Honestly, webcams, or adult entertainment, or healthy sex lives, or safe sex, or all of these things — all that stuff is more beneficial and I will always continue to do that regardless if it’s my own show, not on MTV anymore. There are so many paths for me in my life. Hell, I’m only 26."

11. Choices

He said that she had to choose what was best for her, and she replied with "Well then I will just have my lawyer contact you guys, and I wish you guys all the best." And then she hung up. And just like that, Farrah Abraham was gone from Teen Mom forever (or at least for the rest of the season probably).

12. Dem Tweets

Dem Tweets
At the end of the episode, MTV added a few tweets from Farrah about the situation, gems like "Watching @TeenMom @mtv I’m so happy I don’t welcome anymore of @MTV made up sh-t to help mention the other trash moms feel important lmao good luck @MTV #2018goals #Sorrynotsorry."

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