Ember Roloff Turns Two, Receives ALL the Birthday Love

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7. An Ember Update

An Ember Update
"She loves to sing (especially Jesus loves me...), read her books to her babies, go for bike rides and mule rides, play in her kitchen, climb any kind of ladder or rock wall, kick kick kick in the pool, pick and smell flowers, and eat cheese," added Audrey.

8. Tell Us More!

Tell Us More!
"She always wants to hold your hand and guide you to what she wants to do with an excited “Fow me!” = follow me. She loves to pray for her friends at night before bed and goes through the list of “thank you mama, thank you dada, thank you papa, and two papas, thank you gigi, thank you mimi... etc."

9. So Very, Very Precious

So Very, Very Precious
Continues Audrey: "When we leave the room after putting her down at night she yells “nigh nigh eyeee youuuu!!!” on repeat until we yell back “night night I love you too!”

10. LOL, Ember!

LOL, Ember!
"She loves animals (both stuffed and real) but especially loves her pink fox that she sleeps with - but if fox falls out of her crib in the morning we will hear her yelling “uh oh fox!” Except she pronounces fox like an inappropriate word with a British accent."

11. Who Needs Shoes?!?

Who Needs Shoes?!?
"She thinks it’s hilarious when she toots now, is very into spinning and making herself dizzy, wants to brush her own teeth and out on her own pants, prefers to be barefoot always, and sticks out her tongue for me to kiss it better when she bites it."

12. She's So Sensitive...

She's So Sensitive...
"If someone is sad or gets an owie she is so quick to offer a hug/kiss and then say “blow” and show you how to take deep breaths."

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