Ember Jean Roloff: All Her Precious Pictures!

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37. Ember as Spokeswoman

Ember as Spokeswoman
Ember is rocking a shirt created by her mother in this very adorable snapshot.

38. Ember at 5 Months

Ember at 5 Months
Here she is! Ember Roloff is five months old in this very cute picture.

39. Look at Me, Mom!

Look at Me, Mom!
Mommy and daughter time! Look at Ember get held up here by her beloved mother, Audrey.

40. A Big Kiss for Ember

A Big Kiss for Ember
Jeremy and Audrey go in for the cute kiss here, laying one on their daughter, Ember Jean.

41. A Snuggle from Dad

A Snuggle from Dad
How sweet is this photo?!!? It features Jeremy Roloff cozying right on up to daughter Ember Jean.

42. Ember, at Nearly 6 Months

Ember, at Nearly 6 Months
Thank you, Audrey Roloff. Thank you for sharing this precious image of your precious baby.

43. Almost 6 Months!

Almost 6 Months!
Audrey Roloff is all excited to show off her nearly six-month old baby in this photo. And for good reason!

44. Ember Says Hi

Ember Says Hi
Oh, hello, Dad! I'm just gonna lie here and be adorable, okay?!?

45. A Kiss from Mom

A Kiss from Mom
Kisses for Ember! That's what Audrey Roloff is offering her daughter in this very cute photo of the stars.

46. Ember Stands!

Ember Stands!
Ember is almost standing up on her own. Her mother shared this photo on Instagram in April of 2018. So cute!

47. Ember at 7 Months

Ember at 7 Months
Look at Ember at seven months. She is just so very adorable that we can hardly even handle it. Know what we mean?

48. Ember Jean Smiling

Ember Jean Smiling
Ember Jean is as happy as she can be in this adorable snapshot of Audrey and Jeremy's precious first born.

49. Precious Roloffs

Precious Roloffs
Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are in Hawaii for this photo. Look how much fun they are having with baby Ember!

50. They Just Woke Up!

They Just Woke Up!
"We woke up like this." So Audrey Roloff wrote as a caption to this photo of herself, her husband and their child.

51. Pure Joy

Pure Joy
"You are pure joy." This is part of what Audrey Roloff wrote as a caption to this photograph of herself and her precious child, Ember Jean.

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