Duggar Family Members: The Official Power Rankings!

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Who's your favorite Duggar family member? We all have our opinions, but we've ranked them all - including in-laws - from top to bottom.

Behold, the first-ever edition of THG's official Duggar Power Rankings, with our consensus, #1 Duggar draft pick leading off at the top.

At the bottom? You can probably guess ... 

1. Jana

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. That old cliche is destined to apply literally to Jana Duggar, 26, the eldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle and one dubbed "Cinderella" due to her natural beauty, loving personality, and perpetual servitude. While her other siblings marry and have kids of their own, Jana is essentially forced to stay home and take care of her siblings ... and nieces and nephews. And yet, she does it with a smile on her face, a sense of humor and the patience of a saint. Being so easy on the eyes does not hurt, either. No wonder she's said to be prominently featured in new TLC footage featuring the famous family. #FreeJana!

2. Joy-Anna

She's smart. She's well-rounded. She can dead lift her own weight. She wears shorts (yes, actual shorts)! She's a well-rounded young woman with a bright future ... or at least she could be if she were truly allowed to spread her wings. We're still holding out home for that (along with Jinger and Jana).

3. Jinger

The spelling of her name is cause for major side-eye, but if you can get past that, what's not to love about Jinger Duggar? Silly, sassy and (relatively) independent, she's been a fan favorite for years now, and if there were ever a Duggar set to break the mold, Jinger seems like the most likely candidate. So ... #FreeJinger!

4. Amy

Cousin Amy Duggar - the daughter of Jim Bob's sister - is only rebellious by Duggar standards. In any other family she would have this #badass label she possesses. Still, the fact that Amy D. isn't brainwashed, and is actually her own person who speaks her mind gives her automatic entry into the top tier.

5. John David

John David
John David, the twin brother of Jana (pictured), is a firefighter and pilot. Also single, he earned major points for disavowing Josh's actions on Jill & Jessa: Counting On. He's been in charge of transporting Anna back and forth to see him in rehab, as well.

6. Joseph

Joseph Duggar, 20, is now a student at Crown Bible College in Knoxville, Tennessee. He has also been tied to one of the Bates girls from Bringing Up Bates. Seems like a nice fella.

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