Nicole Nafziger Slammed By 90 Day Fiance Fan Favorite: You Abandoned Your Own Daughter!

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37. And more ...

And more ...
Nicole got told that she was delusional (a favored insult among her critics -- honestly, even if you think that she is, why would you say this to her? I'll tell you why -- to make yourself feel more powerful and less helpless by hurting someone else's feelings). Note that someone from Sweden, which never went into lockdown with disastrous results, also commented.

38. You can see why she takes breaks from Instagram

You can see why she takes breaks from Instagram
"Where's Azan?" is a fair thing to wonder, but rude to ask, you know? If Nicole wanted to share, she'd tell us. (Also, while we introverts may be coping better with lockdown, we have to remain conscious of people with depression who are truly suffering without interpersonal contact) It was sweet of Nicole to check in, and we'd love to hear from her again soon, but for now, let's just hope that she is having a good time.

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