David Eason: Harrassing Teen Mom 2 Producers? Hoping to Get Jenelle Evans Fired?!

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It's been nine months since David Eason got fired from Teen Mom 2, but it seems he's still obsessed with his former gig.

Part of the reason, of course, is that David is still unemployed and thus has nothing else to keep him occupied.

But Eason's fixation with the show also seems to have roots in his anger at producers.

For months now, he's been ranting on social media about how unfair it was that he was axed from the show.

And it now it looks as though his anger might be creating an unsafe situation for TM2's crew.

Take a look:

1. Dark Times on the Land

Dark Times on the Land
Jenelle and David have hit rock bottom like never before over the course of the past month.

2. The Incident

The Incident
It all started, of course, with the revelation that David had assaulted Jenelle during a fight on the couple's property.

3. The Call

This resulted in Jenelle calling 911 and being rushed to the nearest hospital for her injuries.

4. The Aftermath

The Aftermath
Fans implored Jenelle to remove her kids from the home and relocate someplace safer. Instead, she did something wholly unexpected ...

5. The Twist

Jenelle took to social media to defend David in the wake of the attack, dismissing the assault as a "drunk and dramatic misunderstanding."

6. Things Get Weirder ...

Things Get Weirder ...
In the weeks following David's alleged attack, Jenelle has offered increasingly bizarre accounts of what "really" happened that night.

7. A Common Mistake

A Common Mistake
At one point, she claimed that she and David fell into one another and were so drunk that they both thought the other person was attacking them.

8. The Happy Family

The Happy Family
After first deleting her social media accounts, Jenelle began posting non-stop photos of herself and her family in the weeks since her hospitalization.

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