David Eason Accuses Barbara Evans of Child Abuse, Teases "New Evidence" In Court

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7. David's Take

David's Take
David made it clear in the call that -- based on information he's received from stepson Jace -- he believes Babs is guilty of child abuse.

8. An Official Report

An Official Report
During the call, David appears very concerned with ensuring that a police report is filed against Barbara, probably so that it can be used against her in court.

9. Team Effort

Team Effort
And in news that's unlikely to surprise anyone, that was not the first time that the Easons called the cops on Babs.

10. Jenelle's Call

Jenelle recently requested a welfare check on her son and daughter who live with Babs. Nine-year-old Jace has been with Barbara since he was an infant, while Ensley has been under her care ever since the CPS investigation.

11. Why the Sudden Uncertainty?

Why the Sudden Uncertainty?
Having raised Jace for nearly a decade, Babs has obviously demonstrated that she's capable of raising a child -- but Jenelle and David are suddenly very concerned about her ability to do so.

12. The Colin Factor

The Colin Factor
Jenelle and David have claimed that their concern is partially the result of Jenelle's older brother Colin, who also lives with Barbara.

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