Cute Kids React to Stuff

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19. Butterfly Lands on Child's Nose

What happens when a butterfly lands on a child's nose? This amazing reaction. Watch now!

20. Child Reacts to Fake Lion Roar

The baby in this video hears a lion roar for the first time ever. And the reaction is PRICELESS.

21. Little Boy Yells at Mom for Getting Pregnant

This wasn’t the reaction this mother was hoping for when she told her kids she was pregnant again. But it's seriously HILARIOUS.

22. Girl Reacts to Devastating Hello Kitty News

This girl just learned that Hello Kitty is not an actual cat. And she is NOT at all pleased about it!

23. Daughter Gets Freaked Out by Clean-Shaven Father

Who is that?!? This father scares the heck out of his daughter after shaving. Watch her amazing reaction now.

24. Sisters React in Best Way Ever to Mom's Pregnancy Annoucement

This is the reaction all parents dream about when they tell their children that they're expecting another child. Watch two sisters react in total glee and just try not to smile.

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