Contemplative Kanye: What Is He Thinking?

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This is the greatest Kanye West picture ever.

And it gets even better when folks try to imagine what he's thinking about.

1. Fish Sticks?

Fish Sticks?
Thank you, South Park, for making this reference never not hilarious.

2. Wild West?

Wild West?
Wait... darn! Is it too late to make a change?

3. A Paradox

A Paradox
Could I have been wrong about Beyonce all along?!?

4. Not a Racist?

Not a Racist?
Anything is possible, right?

5. Missing Jay Z

Missing Jay Z
He's probably making tons of money somewhere... but doing what?!?

6. That was Fun!

That was Fun!
How much does a zipline cost? I could probably afford 50 million of them.

7. Boobs vs. Kanye?

Boobs vs. Kanye?
Guilty as charged, Ye.

8. Bugging Out

Bugging Out
It's not a spider. I don't think it's an ant. A beatle? Nah...

9. Florange?


10. Sunglasses Regret

Sunglasses Regret
You may also wanna ask yourself why you'd want Ray J's sloppy seconds.

11. A Heavy Chain

A Heavy Chain
This single was never really clear about that.

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