Colt Johnson Drops "Sexy" Hints: Does He Have a New Girlfriend?

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7. But what's this now?

But what's this now?
Colt has some news to share with fans, and he put it out there on social media.

8. Coltee went shopping!

Coltee went shopping!
He purchased some lingerie and he wanted to make sure that all of his fans and followers knew it, so he posted it to his Instagram Stories.

9. It was "Very Sexy"

It was "Very Sexy"
It says so right on the bag. Notably it says that it's a push-up and Brazilian panty.

10. Brazilian?

When he was with Larissa, we suppose that all of the panties were "Brazilian." (Because she's from Brazil ...). Okay, a terrible joke, but not the worst one made about this.

11. Isn't it a little later for Mother's Day?

Isn't it a little later for Mother's Day?
90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates made a TERRIBLE joke about Colt's unhealthy, codependent relationship with his mother, Debbie. An awful joke ... that we were morally obligated to show you.

12. Okay, but real talk

Okay, but real talk
Loving your mother is great. Living with your mom, because of finances or to take care of her or whatever, is a normal thing to do -- up to a point. The way that Colt seems to treat his mom as, on an emotional level, a surrogate partner is what fans find so unhealthy.

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