Ceremonial First Pitches: Fails & Feats

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7. Carl Lewis First Pitch

This is generally considered the worst first pitch in baseball history. But, hey, at least Carl Lewis can run fast!

8. Tiffany Hwang First Pitch

Tiffany Hwang is a Korean pop star. She probably should not try out for any Major League Baseball teams.

9. John Wall First Pitch

YIKES! Note to point guard John Wall: stick to basketball, man. Seriously.

10. RoboCop First Pitch

RoboCop throws out the ceremonial first pitch at a Tigers game in Detroit in this video. He did a lot better than 50 Cent.

11. Elle Fanning First Pitch WIN

Elle Fanning has shown 50 Cent how it's done with an awesome first pitch.

12. Striptease First Pitch

Check out this first pitch prior to a Chinese Professional Baseball League game in Taiwan. It's not safe for work or wives!

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